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RICS Building Survey on a 1903 Leicester Terrace House 


Typical turn of the 20th Century Leciester terrace house that has been retrospectively rendered and had a replacement concrete tile roof. Render is usually applied as a cheap alternative to pointing or because of frost damaged brick faces. Care should be taken that heavy concrete tiles have not overload the structure.


Note the juncture of the chimney and concrete tile roof. The weatherpoofing relies on an aluminium tape stuck to the face of the bricks and tiles. They are vulnerable to failure.

On this nearby chimney more robust lead has been tucked into the brick joints of the chimney. Under the top sheet of lead will be another that is tucked under the tiles and  turned up the side of the chimney under the top sheet of lead

This displaced section of gutter will allow water to spill down the solid wall which will be vulnerable to water penetration.


This channel is holding water. Debirs on the sides of the chamber suggest that it has been badly blocked before and that the drians may have an ongoing problem.

Large chuncks of concrete have been placed in this drain chamber. Inexplicable. Droppings on top of the chamber suggest that rats occupy the drian.

Rat droppings in the roof void. Note the low level of insulation compared to the ceilings joists which are typcially 75mm deep.

This chimney which has had its base removed is now unsupported as can be seen by the loose brick and gap under the brick behind.

Disturbance of the paintwork just inside the lounge to porch door. Probably due to condensation due a cold draught from the porch.

Flue pipe from a stove. The base of the chimney breast should have a closure plate so that air cannot by-pass the appliance causing poor combustion and carbon monoxide. In this case the closure plate neither fits the opening or fits up to the flue pipe.



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