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 Leicester RICS Chartered Surveyors Homebuyers Survey of 1935 semi detached house.

Typical semi detached property dating from about 1935. Solid walls, two course engineering brick dpc, tile roof and repalcement windows. Note the very thin flat roof on the bay. This is unlikely to be insulated and may thus be cold and prone to condensation.


The frature of the brickwork between the two window openings appears to have moved in a horizontal direction. It is thus likely to be due to thermal movement of the property causing the brickwork to snap at its weak point between the two openings

The bricks below the two course enginering brick damp proof course have lost their faces due to frost action when they have been damp. This is not signifcant but they will eventually have to be manually cut out and replaced. The engineering bricks are almost impervious and are excellent damp barriers as evidence by numerous Victorian viducts and tunnels.

The construction of the porch has blocked the important underfloor vent. Good underfloor ventilation helps remove damp disouraging beetles and decay of suspended timber floors.


This is a ventilation duct cover for a toilet adjacent to the rear porch.

The duct has been plastered over on the inside of the property resulting in condensation forming on the relatviely cold spot.

This a 240 volt cable running across the ground with no protection from spades or forks!


This is likely to be an original ceiling that is of lathe and plaster construction. Plaster is secured by forcing it into thin gaps between the lathes. Unfortunately as plaster is very brittle is snaps where it has been forced though the lathes due to vibration and thermal movement over time resulting in the typical fracture. The textured ceiling coating may have been added to hide other fractures and undulations.

This glass door should be replaced with one that has toughend glass to avoid serious injury if somebody falls against it.

The surface mounted cable leading to this socket is an indicator of amaturish workmanship. Low sockets are vulnerable to being hit by vacuums when live parts can be exposed

Typical quarry tile floor. Such floors can have damp joints as they are often laid on ash or low quality concrete bases. They are best kept uncovered and well ventilated.

The top of the firewall is missing which may encourage the spread of fire and some from one property to another. The pointing on the underside of the tiles has long fallen off although this is not a significant problem expect in extreme weather conditions when wind pressure on one side of the property can force tile off the opposite face of the roof. Modern roofs have a felt lining to prevent this. The adjacent property has had spray foam lining inserted. The effects of this on roof is not currently clear but there ae some risks of dampness due to moisture being trapped against battens and rafters or from condensation within the roof void.


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