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 Homebuyers Survey of 1950's Semi-detached House near Leicester 

Our Leicester building surveyors found severe damp problems, rotten decking, and strange objects in the garden.

Front. Note the small side extension that it likely to have cost much more that the value it added to the property

The chimney pointing is erroded. Repairs will be expensive if as with correct practice a scaffold is used.

 This tile is about to drop possibly on somebody's head.

Two neat footprints. These decks are also very slippery in winter.

This chap likes his beer at Ground Temperature which is a steady eight degrees just below the surface.

Looks like somebody has burried a Harrier Jump Jet

Four water tanks plus two that can not be seen

The round holes are a fruitless attempt to inject silicone into a wall to control damp.

 The black area is where an underground water tank has leaked behind the wall. The damp has been contained by an impervious lining and spread

An insulated toilet waste pipe. A waste of time as sewers are warm.


Door is obstructed due to poor planning. You have to squeeze into the bathroom.





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