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RICS Homebuyers Survey Report of a Leicester detached house dating from 1960

Whilst this property looks like a small bungalow from the front it is in fact a substantial three storey house to storeys being constructed against a bank.

The steep terrian explains the need to construct the house into the bank.

A repalced joist and decay of the deck on one of the balconies.

Failure of this outlet or the adjacent felt is the likely cause of the damp giving rise to the decay

                                    Cracked roof felt may be cauing another leak and decay of the deck. This type of failure is very common on felt roofs.

Here the felt is comming loose as it is not anchored into the wall. It would have been preferbale if it ran further up the wall with a metal flashing hanging over it to keep it in place.

This poor channel arrangement of one being much higher than the other has casued the solid material currently blocking the channel to get left behind the water. If possible channels should meet at the same level.

An unusually profiled tile. The problems can be when you need to repalce one and can not obtain a matching one. Note how they have been dmaged at the sides increaing the risk of moisture ingress in extreme conditions or of snow sits on the roof.

Ponding of a flat roof due to the deck of the roof being below the level of the outlet spout. Could be badly constructed or the deck may have shrunk compard to the spout which may be constructed over a walll. Ponding is likely to result in severe leaks if the roof fails, and condensation which can enourage decay and beetles.

The sloping slabs may be indicative that the retaining wall has moved slightly

A retainign wall that has been built. The rainwater pipe to the right should not terminate behind the wall as holding water is a common cause of failure of retaining walls. The white pipes to the left pass through the face of the wall to allow drainage.

These vents suggest that the property is heated by warm air. Warm air can be efficint and provide a quick warm up time. Problems are that warm air systems are uncommon which can make obtaining parts and labour difficult. The systems can casue alergies as they allow dust ect to easily move around the properties. Some people complain about the air being too dry. They are difficult to alter or extend due to the problems of accomodating the ducts.

A warm air duct running through the roof void. Beware that warm air systems can be insualted with asbestos including some of the more dangerous forms.

Note in the two photographs above that there is no bracing to link the individual trusses together to from one structure. There should be horizontal timbers at the apex and half way down each face of the roof and diagonal ones running  up from the four corners

A damp stain on the wall above the pink mat and some decay of the skirting board. The most likely cause is failure of a seal on a shower tray on the other side of the wall.



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