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Steve Butler RICS Chartered Surveyors Privacy Policy

None of Steve Butler's web sites collect any type of information.

Steve Butler do not accept payment or collect financial information via web pages.

The only information held about clients forms part of contract documents for services provided and includes basic contact details such as Name and Address, Telephone Number, e-mail address, the address of the subject property and contact details of estate agents or property owners or occupiers. The contract documents may be stored electroncially.

Such information is kept for ten years in case there is a query about the service offered or further work is required.

Steve Butler keeps copies of all reports prepard for clients for ten years.

No personal information is held on a data base.

Steve Butler may used anonomous photogrpahs and extracts from reports on properties for internet marketing purposes as can be seen on other pages in this web site. Such information is not used on Web Pages local to the town of such properties.