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 Leicester RICS Chartered Surveyors Timber Decay and Damp Survey


Forer shops


Woodworm infested timbers in an unventilated cellar. Lack of ventilation has encoureged dampenss and caused extensive beetle infestation. The timber has also formed cubes probaly indictive of dry rot decay although no spores were apparent. Note the condensation mould on the ceiling.

The floor bounces whenwlked on as the spacing of the joists is to wide, the spans too long and they have no criss cross (herring bone) struts to stop the floor twisting.

Damp in a chimney breast probably due to condensation but diagnosis can be difficult. Damp in chimney breasts often allows contaminates to migrate from within the flue. The plaster is best removed and replaced with a sand and cement render to contain the contaminates. A vent appears to have been installed to try and keep one of the flues dry.


The white mould has foremd on timbers damp with condensation. The solution is to provide additional ventilation to the roof.


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